Building Offices & Maps

Chalmers Library Map


Career Development Office 


Level 2

The Career Development Office is here to provide you with programs, services and opportunities that allow you to explore how your academic and personal interests align with professional opportunities starting your first semester on campus.


Library & Information Services


Level L1, Level 1, & Level 3

The mission Library & Information Services is to, through integrated services, connect the Kenyon community to comprehensive and reliable resources and expertise, develop the skills in ourselves and others to effectively navigate and engage with those resources amidst an evolving technology and information environment, and to create an inclusive culture of collaboration, innovation, and integrity.

Office of Academic Advising


Level 2

The Office of Academic Advising is here to help you write your Kenyon story, whether you need help identifying your interests, goals, and priorities, or have questions about academic policies and procedures.


Office of Institutional Research


Level 4

The mission of the Office of Institutional Research is to collect, organize, analyze, interpret and disseminate institutional data and intelligence for the purpose of decision-making, policy formation, planning, and assessment of programs and activities.


Office of the Registrar


Level 2

The Office of the Registrar maintains and preserves the integrity of student academic records and oversee processes ranging from registration to degree evaluations.


Student Accessibility and Support Services


Level 2

Student Accessibility and Support Services (SASS) coordinates academic and program accommodations. Students can schedule an appointment to discuss accommodations, auxiliary aids and support services.


Writing Center


Level 2

The Writing Center is staffed by trained student writing consultants who conduct individual conferences with writers. We are here to talk to you about whatever you're writing and give advice at any stage of the writing process.